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Monday, July 23
Ok, so I'm an idiot.

And so are you...

Blogger lets you do it yourselves now... apparently.


Here's the only picture I took of my holiday.

Actually that's a lie. I took lots, but I;m not here to bore you with endless photos of views and lizards and thinks I took pictures of. Nevertheless, that's proper Pisan Graffiti.

I have finally turned the damn desk my computer was on around so I can actually type. And instead of throwing myself into a short story, or something equally productive, I made a Playlist and decided to blog.

The other reason I am blogging less frequently is that Blogger has yet to make it possible for me to be logged into my blog and my email at the same time. The only reason I really have a problem with this is so I can avoid giving my mother my email address... I'd never hear the end of it.


Playlist includes, "It's Only Mystery," from the film Subway, Mos Def, "Sex Love and Money," Robert Cray and Peter Gabriel. Am I gay or what?

That's a picture of some mess at work.

I was going to post a picture of some bread I baked and try a Marks and Spencer Parody, but I'm not sure I can be arsed, and I am damn sure you lot wouldn't be interested. Except maybe Mum, but then only from a professional standpoint.

Another thing I demand you waste your time with (except you, Mum, it will take hours to load and you probably won't get it anyway) is this.

These guys are prisoners from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines.

Britain's finest talent may be a fat guy with fucking awful teeth, but the Phillipines have real talent.
- posted by Buntifer @ 7/23/2007 05:30:00 pm
Wednesday, July 18
Back, briefly
Right. Long time no sea.

I am growing painfully aware that this is turning into a diary blog, albeit an irregular and slightly bizarre one, and I don't want that to happen. So, dear reader, don't expect anything radical soon. I don't want to post short stories, because it then prevents me from being able to enter them in any competitions or for any webzines that I might try for.

In other news:

Another seasons over at the LFBTV, and we have an awful lot of lights to clean.

I have discovered the joy of cycling, which is fantastic, and I am gently becoming bikie. I changed my brake levers the other day, which is a level 2 difficulty out of three in the book I bought to tell me how, and I am seriously considering trying to integrate my gears into my brake levers next time, only I have yet to find a way of doing this without spending more money on a pair of brake/gear levers than I did on my bike when I bought it.

Had a nice week in Italy with family and the Brunette, very good food and hospitality in Volterra, let down in Pisa by a restaurant known as La Pergoletta where we experienced the worst service I have ever encountered outside of Richmond Odeon (and that's pretty bad) but ended being quite a fun evening as when we tried to leave, having waited unsuccessfully for two hours for our main course they tried to charge us for it, and this scenario ended up with the chef coming out of the kitchen (minus cleaver unfortunately) and shouting at us, then cursing us as we left... which was fun.

So please, don't go there unless you are prepared to spend a week of your holiday waiting for food. The food we did receive was very interesting, but only starters and Primi, so it's difficult to judge whether it was destined to be any good at the end of the wait. This is only really here so that hopefully people who google La Pergoletta will find their way here and realise what they are in for if they go.

I'm desperately sorry, but my knees can't take any more of this. The new house is slowly (very slowly) taking shape, but we have no computer desk at present, and I am stuck trying to type at something I can't put my knees under, so it limits me to about two hundred words before I'm in agony.

More when I have something better to type at, and yes, that could be a while...

***plus, quick whinge at the end, what's happened to Picasa and bloggerbot? I can't post pictures any more. Bastards... if anyone more technologically inclined has actually figured out another easy way to post pics now blogger has shafted simpletons like me, please let me know.***
- posted by Buntifer @ 7/18/2007 06:28:00 am

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