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Monday, July 24
I always wanted to be an astronaut...

But I am a Stage Manager instead.


Blebber's over. I'm officially unemployed, although it may not count given I start tomorrow at the Fruit Bearing Theatrical Venue. (FBTV)

And no, to those of you who may be wondering "the Strawberry Patch" is not a theatre!

I'm having a busy day. I've had a haircut, and I ran away to Rome, and signed up for the gym. Defeated Megatron in single handed combat, and ensured world safety for at least as long as we take to destroy it ourselves.

TWAU has been slacking - no sign of Dredd Casefiles 4, and I've been checking frequently.

and The Brunette has finally had enough of me, and will be moving to Morocco in September.

I keep meaning to start writing again, and I have a couple of ideas up my sleeves, but I have been so busy I am still processing, and quite enjoying tearing through the Pratchett's I have been collecting again.

Off to see RocketLeafSalad's thing at the Hampstead Start night tonight - and looking forward to it. I haven't been to the Hampstead (the number of theatre's in London I haven't been to is quite embarrassing, but I am only interested in them for their technical capabilities.) So that should be fun.

In other news, fourteen squirrels have just been allowed representation in the UN after it was found that they had successfully run North East Somerset as an independant state for the past seventeen years.

I'm just losing my sanity slowly.

That's one of our constructions in the Theatre, for RTTForbiddenPlanet - a space ship set, and if you look closely, some rather un animated (at that point in time) tentacles.

Just thought I would show you what I do. Lights under the stairs and everything....

Admittedly, that set was more fun than most.

Chow for now folks.

Music: Prodigy

Book: A Forgotten Realms Classic - "All she wanted was a pony, but did her mother every buy her one? Did she f**k! Now Morgannica is back from the dead, and she's dead! and mean! and obsessed with BLOOD! and she can do magic, like Harry Potter only f**king deadly!!!! Chronicling the rise of an psychotic and dangerously insane pony club girl, "BLOODmagic" shows us what life is really like on the other side of the fence, the side without the ponies."

Naah. It aint bad actually, just the blurb made me laugh, and not for reasons that would make anyone else laugh. Although I may try and write one of the chronicles of Morgannica, the Pony Club Reject turned Psychotic Bloodmage!
- posted by Buntifer @ 7/24/2006 02:22:00 pm
Monday, July 17
Well, it's all over...
It's over, it's finished, and I feel tired and kind of emptied out.

Tuesday night, first dress, first run, show went badly. Too many of my cues were in the wrong place. However, after an afternoon run on Wed, the evening run was shit hot and sparkling. Thursday came, the last night. The last show ever in the theatre, the last show ever at Blebber. And it went ok. I had to shout a line which is supposed to be delivered by someone on a mike backstage, but they didn't hear the cue line. And then some fucker ran off the stage and managed to kick the sound equipment off it's little stack. I watched it collapse in slow motion, the sound desk itself shooting off the top, and then the top minidisc player gradually sliding backwards, tilting upwards, and then collapsing down outside the sound booth. I got to my feet calmly, drew back the little curtain that hides me from the audience, and put the system back together. The show continued on stage, and when I got back, I had missed three lighting cues, but the sound came back on the next time we needed a cue, and the show finished in style.

Everybody then proceeded to get hammered. I had purchased some limes, brown sugar and cachaca earlier on, because I wasn't up for drinking the nasty wine provided, so I disappeared for a little while and made some cocktails. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, Jesbo, my opposite number at Blebber, whoom I had made the second of the two cocktails for, immediately started disclaiming how nasty the Caipirinha was, but insisted on finishing it before going and throwing up in the loo. I wish people wouldn't drink my booze, and my cocktails if they don't like them. Then there's more for me.

After a while, which saw students dancing on the gurney, and using Don Quixote's lance as a pole (for dancing purposes) we were thrown out and were led to a club down the road which had an Iranian night on. I have no idea what the local Iranian clubbers thought of the 40 or so upper middle class drama students that descended upon their club, but they must have made a killing at the bar.

I didn't get home, managing to miss the last tube, and then staggering back to student digs, and staying up till it was time to come back in for work the next day. Not a wise idea, and I'm still recovering.

Drinks on friday for one of our costumiers, then Gasbo's birthday drinks on Saturday, then staff party Sunday. I'm tired and my liver hates me.

And now I had one final week of work before I move places. We'll be skipping things solidly all week. Seems a shame.

Right - I must go twerk.
- posted by Buntifer @ 7/17/2006 10:05:00 am

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