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Monday, May 29
And he reads too...

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Tuesday, May 23
Simon sez

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Friday, May 19
There are some times you just have to
well, I was gonna put "smile", but I'm too much of a cynic.

I read ebaumsworld and sometimes there is something worth reading there.

There's a lot of dross, but I'm hardly one to talk, but sometimes something comes along, which reminds me why IU waste five minutes of my time browsing every so often.

This man and his story, is one of those moments. Respect, and if I could say it like a cool street dude, I would, but I'm white and middle class, so I'll just put Aretha on the stereo.

If he didn't get the job, I want my license fee back.
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Thursday, May 18
Yo ho ho and a motherfucker in a pear tree
I am inexplicably euphoric today. It's a nice day, but not that nice. Aah well, who can expla?

Anyway. Short attention span as well.

Try this

For a new twist on an old classic. That's your horoscope for today ;) And fuck the Ordinary Boys, this is much better.

And this

is also very good, especially for those cat freaks out there (I know you've been rocket leafing)

I find the girl in the top left oddly sexy, although the last section of the animation kind of puts a damper on it. It's kind of like conditioning or something.

And apparently they need opera singers in Maidenhead, so any of you divas out there, get down to the Head of the Maiden and sing some opera.

Don't know where that came from, or at least I do, but I can't be bothered to explain, and it's much more interesting if I don't say nuffink.

In fact, the world would be a better place if nobody said "nuffink"

but that's just because it's irretrievably common.
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Monday, May 15
Fine - ignore me...

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Saturday, May 13
Bugger football

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Friday, May 12
Please welcome.......................................................

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Tuesday, May 9
The Gap
The mysterious London based Underground movement known only as "The Gap" claimed another victim yesterday.

"The Gap" spawned with the rise of the tube system and persisting ever since, claimed 53 victims last year, many more than the Basque movement ETA, putting it firmly into the ranks of Al Quaida and similar organisations that are not afriad to kill for their own purposes, and pushin it firmly into the awareness of the world consciousness.

A shady organisation, "The Gap's" motivations are unclear, generally targeting commuters or unwary tourists, and very occasionally polishing off a drunken yob or two, it rarely retruns its victims, and has yet to issue demands.

The high street retailer, "Gap" denaies any knowledge of the movement, and refuses to comment on suggestions that they may have been supplying "The Gap" with pastel coloured leisure wear. A spokesman for the company said:

"What on earth are you talking about?"


"Are you winding me up?"

"The Gap" is not thought to have had any involvement in the 7/7 bombings, despite their happening on its home turf. "The Gap" has never voiced a political or religious alignment and is belived to be more concerned with simply existing.

The movement is beliveed to operate in cells based within London Tube Stations. These cells are independantly run on a track system and are only connected by shadowy organisations known as 'lines.' There are thirteen of these 'lines' named by colour, and more are believed to be under construction.

The Gap has proved to be hard to track down, due to the fact it manages to disappear between stations, and the phenomenon by which it seems only to manifest in the presence of tube trains. Their clain to have been 'under our feet all along' [attrib] may yet turn out to be true.

One day this mysterious organisation will reveal the reason for its continued existence, and perhaps even its future goals.

In the meantime...

- posted by Buntifer @ 5/09/2006 04:57:00 pm

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