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Thursday, March 30
Mind Dump
Don't say you weren't warned. I'll be just rambling more than usual. I haven't written anything in months, and it is possible that my mental constipation could be due to too much stuff I need to get out, so I will dump here and hopefully might get some writing done in the next few weeks.

I have also been tremendously busy at work, which may account for it. The musical now underway, I have done two shows, and with over 200 cues I have been prevented from sleeping through it, which is a shame, but hey - it keeps me busy. And the musci means that my RLS (restless leg syndrome) can be converted from fidgeting into counting the beats.

I have been late with one cue (first night) and early with one (second night) tonight being the third night, I may be able to get it all right this time.

In other news - and article I came across in Metro the other day was detailing electrosensitivity, which is something briefly touched upon in Aura, and means I need to get the damn thing finished and published before any more research starts coming out on it, and I noticed that a device has been invented, consisting of lots of electrodes, which enable a user with no arms to type. Once appropriate modification and research has been done, these will develop into trodes, enabling people to game using the minds only, or their hands and their minds, and allowing hackers to hack and military people to kill people using only their minds and trodes.

Very cool.

In other news, there isn't any really. I am reading a lot, some Harry Harrison, which was very cool, and Raymond Chandler, of whose essays I also read a couple, talking about the snobbishness people have towards detective fiction etc, and his stories, which reminded me why i wanted to write in the first place. He's so good. And then some JG Ballard, "The Unlimited Dream Company" which was strangely anti-climactic, and frankly, rubbish. I find Ballard very hit and miss. The Drought stank, Unlimited Dream Company was as if the author had written it whilst horny and on acid, which means, while he talks a lot about sex, and his prose is flowery and detailed, rambling and crazy, very little of interest happens, the plot, such as their is one, sucks, and the book is boring.

Aah well. You can't get it right all the time. I need to read Empire of the Sun really, as they say that was his masterpiece.

House buying proceeding very slowly. Our lawyer seems to type letters a word a day, and then sellotapes them to the back of a snail to get them here.

The musical looks good, the set is fantastic, and the costumesa re great, and the acting and singing is good as well. I'm pleased it has come out this well, and think that the Director's antagonism might just be based on the fact that we have done a better job than he has.

I'm having an exciting day at home today, washing up and doing washing, blogging and then going into work. I've barely seen the Brunette for a week or so. By the time I get in, she's in bed, trying to get to sleep. And when she gets up to go to work, I'm trying to stay asleep. Hopefully I'll manage to meet her during this weekend when both of us are awake.

Right, I'm off. I might even try and write something.

Chow for now: Quiche

**UPDATE** I have finished the quiche, and written 4600 words. Yaay for me.
- posted by Buntifer @ 3/30/2006 11:56:00 am
Wednesday, March 29
Yo Ho Ho
We are into the run. First night last night, and it went well. I dropped one cue, and I shouldn't do that tonight. The audience clearly loved it, and the Director said "thank you" to us for the first time. Late, but better late then never. He's still a dick. This doesn't excuse his unavoidable rudeness during the last month, but hey, we were right, and he was wrong. Our part of the show looks great, and his isn't as good as it should be.

I am a juggler, three and four balls, although only tricks with three, and I'm rusty, I haven't been keeping practicing, in any case, this is fantastic. I haven't seen anything like it...

I should go now, and let my brain keep melting out of my ears...
- posted by Buntifer @ 3/29/2006 12:28:00 pm
Tuesday, March 21
Yaay for me
I have seven thousand hits at time of writing. Thanks Mum.

It's taken a long time to clock that many, but with only two readers I feel good.

V for Vendetta = fantastic

Dark Star = shit

Tiger Lillies = fantastic

Tiger Lillies support act = shit on an ipod.

I have an idea. It's a new form of Ipod. I call it the U-pod. I have noticed that whenever one is in a public space one can always see around oneself a bare minimum of thirteen people wearing ipods. I went down to Dartmoor the other day to text this hypothesis, and the buggers were just wandering around with their silly white cables down their fronts. When will they learn that if you put the cable underneath your t-shirt it will stop catching on things and stop you from looking like a posing fuckwit.

Anyway, back to my idea. Due to the ubiquity of ipods, it is no longer necessary to actually own one, enter the U-pod. It is a simple design, which enables one to tune in to any of the various ipods in your immediate vicinity. Of course it is best used for commuters, as the incidence of ipods rises to an average of seventy three within the immediate meter radius surrounding one when commuting by tube or bus in London. You can tune in to your neighbours music, rejecting those listening to Alicia Quays, or Cheeko, and choosing the more refined of ones travelling companions, perhaps a touch of classical... depends on your taste.

[and before you whinge about 'maybe my taste is for Cheeko', if you like Cheeko or Alicia Quays then by definition you have no music taste, and precious little chance of reproducing]

If life gives you lemons - make lemonade
If life gives you gators - make gatorade

Made from real gators.

And I came to a realisation the other day, so if I wind up floating face down in a canal soon, it was this what done it, I was right!

Of course, I may not be right, but I think I am.

You know the Chinese boys and girl who go from door to door, and wander the streets of London selling DVDs?

I'll bet they are at language school, and I wonder how they pay their course fees.

Someone is running the language schools in London, and using them not only to get cheap labour into the country, and possibly allowing bypassing of immigration law, but they are also running the largest film piracy ring I have ever encountered. The dvds are all the same ones, which means a centralised source, probably a centralised distributor.

Maybe these kids are brought into the country, and first they are sent out to try and give phone cards away which allow you to ring Guatemala for under seven p a minute. Well, I have a fulfilling and complete relationship with my Guatemalese friends, I don't have any, and they don't have me either.

After proving themselves at the "giving away of stupid phone cards" game, for a week, or longer if it is nice weather, they get to move up the Language School ladder. They are taught a smattering more of a vocabulary:





"No lookee?"


"Only five pounds?"


"Five for twenty?"



Then, if you are male, they try and tempt you with their supply of Chinese porn DVDs.

I reckon they pay their term fees by putting in time flogging pirate DVDs

Why it is only Chinese beats me for the moment. I suspect they get the Eastern Europeans either pushing drugs or acting as muscle for their other illicit activites.

It's all a big conspiracy...

I'm at home today, as you may have gathered, but I am going to be doing sound stuff later.

Must dash, terribly important things to be doing...

- posted by Buntifer @ 3/21/2006 10:10:00 am
Wednesday, March 8
Dark and Empty...

I have just finished Neal Stephenson's "The Big U" it is a strange book, nihilistic and destructive, but well written and a compulsive read with brilliant characters and an interesting plot. It has however, left me feeling dark and empty. It doesn't help that the Brunette is away, and my only human contact today has been with the mortgage people and my bank manager, neither of whom are people I particularly engage with.

I'm listening to "Return to the Forbidden Planet" which is the musical the Blebber Shuglas is doing next, and which is not as distasteful to me as most musicals are.

I have spent the day pointlessly, reading, and messing about on the computer.

I have, aside from failing to get a decent score on any miniclip game, done some artwork.

Which was some interesting graffiti I found. Stilo means "pen" in Italian, I like the name, it's mine.


Which is Tiger Lillies make up - not perfect, but I have identified some interesting functions on the program which I am looking forward to trying out. I know RTTFP will need some fairly serious artwork done for it, and I am no expert, but I'm as close as they can get, so I'll be doing it.

I have decided that tabloids should no longer be designated "news" papers, as they portray very little news, more opinion and gossip these days. I have therefore declared them to be "nuis"papers*, only fit for filling the sacks of the people that tidy the tube.

*from "nuis"ance

I am still trying to get impetus back into Aura, which is petrifying at the 70k word stage. I only have another 40k to go according to my plan, but I can't seem to motivate myself to write the bastard.

So I'm off to bed, and off to work tomorrow, back to the grindstone.
- posted by Buntifer @ 3/08/2006 12:07:00 am

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