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Tuesday, February 28
A head wound never killed anybody...
Look away now if you have a nervous disposition. Well, it is probably too late. Tough.

I'm a bit of a doofus. I hit myself on the head with a piece of 2x2 while I was trying to remove a particularly stubborn screw. Head wounds always looks worse than they are, so I went home as usual, and was intrigued to discover when I arrived home that the blood had made little bubble type thingies. In the spirit of scientific discovery, and because I enjoy the idea of grossing people out online, I took pictures.

Cool, huh?

In the meantime I'm off to get pissed and find out about concussion and alcohol.
- posted by Buntifer @ 2/28/2006 05:57:00 pm
Monday, February 27
Oxfam presents
I love getting presents from Charity shops. I have many shirts from Oxfam, and countless books. They have started doing something else as well though. I found one of my Christmas presents today, which went straight in the bin.

You can buy, and I had been bought, 200 school dinners for a starving child somewhere in the world. Now I do not disapprove, in fact I think anything that makes people give more is a good idea, however:

Aside from the fact that I don't want to be responsible for anyone having to eat school dinners.[ - I would rather Oxfam had called them packed lunches than School dinners.]

I think it is rather mean to give someone this. Bear with me here. If I decide to give thirty quid to Oxfam, then Oxfam gets thirty quid, for which they are thankful, and I get a warm feeling of Christian/Muslim/Atheist charity within me [depending on my religion]

However, if someone else decides to give Oxfam thirty quid on my behalf, then Oxfam gets thirty quid, for which they are thankful, the giver gets a warm feeling of Christian/Muslim/Atheist charity within them [depending on their religion], they also get a feeling of moral superiority over me, as they can consider themselves to have put themselves out putting some credit on the balance of my immortal soul.

I think it is out of order. I wouldn't complain had I recieved nothing for Christmas from this family, nor would I complain had they sent out cards saying "No presents this year, we are giving the money to charity" but to get a card saying 'you have bought 200 school dinners for this kiddo' makes me feel bad, for not having bought the school dinners in the first place, begins the first workings of a complex about not having finished my school dinners when I was at school, as well as benifiting the giver in two ways, they can feel good about having bought 200 school dinners, and they can feel moral superiority over me because I actually got them a present, heartless bastard that I am.

I am of the mind that all giving is a originally self motivated, and that Altruism is a myth invented by someone or other to make us feel bad, but giving an Oxfam present as a gift sucks.

Oxfam gift vouchers now, I'm all for, I spend far too much money there as it is.

I'll tell you what, go to Oxfam, by yourself a card saying you've paid for someone's school dinners, and keep it, that way I'll feel good, you'll feel good, and some poor fucker will have to eat 200 school dinners.
- posted by Buntifer @ 2/27/2006 08:54:00 am
Thursday, February 23
It's a beautiful thing, but there's far too much purple.
Well, I be back in the land of the living, wondering why I'm bothering blogging this shit. I vowed I would always keep my blog away from the mundane, and in the surreal, or at least the non mundane. I know you aren't intersted in my life, hell, I'm not interested in my life, and those of you who might sustain a glimmer of interest I use a different method of communication with, an older method involving larynxes and face to face interaction.

Well, I'm a year older. Feels just the same, except it's snowing. Does it always snow when you hit this age. Perhaps it's a sign. I hear it is all downhill from here.

I actually have to get away from this fantasy world and into another, so I will leave after a brief mind dump to prepare myself.

Have fun. Someone should.
- posted by Buntifer @ 2/23/2006 09:36:00 am
Tuesday, February 14
Louthy place to be thtuck
Hmmm... In Lincolnshire, having fun. In internet cafe charging me a quid every twenty minutes, but my withdrawel symptoms are gradually fading away.

Everything has gone worrying smoothly up here. Gasbo and Asbo (Production Mgr and Designer) went home today, and I'm fucking off tomorrow, so there is 24 hours for things to go wrong, then it it too late.

Feeling slightly, better, although missing the Brunette. Not at home for Valentines day = Brunette not impressed. Brunette not impressed = Brunette rage, a special ability where she gets a plus to her attack and a minus to her accuracy that can be sustained only by continued applications of chocolate.

Yeah, weird mood. Not my fault. I attribute it to having no internet access, to much beer and too many full english breakfasts. It's free, what am I supposed to do? turn it down?

I have to go, more because I am bored of talking to my self now, and I'll run out of money soon.

chow for now.
- posted by Buntifer @ 2/14/2006 11:47:00 am
Tuesday, February 7
It's all going to shit...
Right, hello again, I apologise for my long absence, I know that both of you will have missed me. I've been working very hard as various parts of my world gently go to shit around me. The work keeps me busy at least.

I'm going on tour next weekend, all the way to sunny Lowth. "Where is that crazy place?" I hear you shout. Well, the nearest place to Lowth that I had heard of was Skegness. Oh yes, place synonymous with shit seaside holidays. Lowth however is not on the coast. I believe it may be synonymous with shit stays in countryside.

Apparently the 'hotel' we are staying in is called "Ye Olde Whyte Swanne" complete with the dodgy spelling and the 'y' in the middle of what could be a perfectly good colour. I'm expecting plastic ducks in trios on the walls, lukewarm three day old toast and small plastic packets, with the ever present just off white bathroom suite. Mmmm.. comfort like that of home...

On the plus side, I may get to blow things up as we tech. We have a pyro, so we have purchased some medium bang maroons. [Evil Calvin smile]


We're still looking for a house, and we haven't won the lottery. It's a scam, I must have bought ten tickets this year and I still didn't win the jackpot. Out of order frankly.

I am currently nearing the end of Green Mars, the second of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy. I am flabberminded at it's brilliance. I didn't think the terraforming of Mars would be a subject which would enthrall me, but I have been steadily devouring the trilogy, which is made up of three books, each of about 800 pages, so there is a lot of material, but it is astoundingly well written and engaging. I love it.

Watched series 4 of 24. Very good, although it does get more ridiculous episode by episode.

Watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. What a load of bollocks.

Right... better go. I'm supposed to be working...
- posted by Buntifer @ 2/07/2006 11:31:00 am

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