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Saturday, May 21
I am seething with anger at the public at the moment, due to having what is without doubt in my mind the best show so far in our program. [I mean that with no detriment to any of the other shows, we have had a very good program]

The best show in our program this year has had NO AUDIENCE! We have two new shows this week.

Jaudice Table continues from last week. Verdict: Very weird, but very good. I think the direction could have been better, because the language is beautiful but lost sometimes in the shouting. I really liked it, but it isn't to everyone's taste.

Lion and Albert also continuing. Verdict: Nominated for best children's show this year for the simple reason that is is probably the best childrens show I have seen. Appealing both to children and also to the adults that bring them, it also pulls a fair proprtion of adults who remember the poems. There is nothing not to like about this show, it is funny, lyrical and accessible.

NEW IN! Mary's Day. Verdict: Well, I haven't seen it yet. I saw part of an uncostumed technical run, and it was looking like it would shape up into a nicely dark comedy, with a good cast and a nice simple set up. (As venue manager I appreciate that. Heh) The audiences have been coming out smiling and laughing, which is good, and they are looking likely to sell out on Sunday, so book your tickets now. Online.

ALSO NEW IN! Fish Dancing. Verdict: Possibly the best piece of theatre I have seen this year, definately head and shoulders above anything I have seen at the fringe, and I only saw a tech run! Audiences have been less than impressive, and the only reason I can think of is that people who live in Brighton are frightened of the rain, so a show involving a rain flood is obviously way too scary. BOOK NOW

Do it. You won't regret it. This show is genuinely beautifully written, moving and tremendously well acted, as well as having a beautiful and deceptively simple set. I nearly teared up, and I don't cry (except when I'm tired, and I wasn't tired)

It really upsets me that as venue manager I can't do more for this show, because everyone should see it.


anyway. Otherwise, Brighton proceeding as usual (rain, overpriced drinks and chavs coming out for the football)

See y'all later!
- posted by Buntifer @ 5/21/2005 02:10:00 pm
Monday, May 16
Platform 1: New Writing Venue, the second week.
Hey guys,

We enter the second week of Platform 1's first year. We have had two shows come and go. The first, "Go Fish" a slice of live lesbian comedy based on the film of the same name by Turner and Troche, which I saw, and was brilliant. THe use of the space was ingenious, the acting almost faultless. The second was "Changed Priorities" which is a comedy based around the havoc wreaked upon a small town by bad town planners. It has been described a show of "small miracles" and has won awards over Europe. I am very sorry not to have managed to sneak in and see this, due to our difficulties with box office cover, but I can say that everyone who came out of it loved it without question.

This week, americans in doing "Fish Dancing" which is going to be superb I think, and students in doing "Mary's Day" which looks charming.

Got to go...

Have fun!
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Thursday, May 12
Brighton - Platform 1: new writing studio theatre
Hey guys.

So far so good. Still rushing around everywhere during the day, so this won't be a long one. Since coming down on Saturday last Paul and I have transformed the upstairs room of a bar into a great little fringe venue. There are not loads of lights, but the cover is good and the sound system, which is a domestic mini system from Dixons, is load enough.

We opened yesterday, with all the champagne and glitterati of a small snail colony. But it went smoothly, which was what we needed to happen. Paul did box office, because our other cover is never here, and we ushered a grand total of around forty five people through our doors, most of whom were comps of one sort or another, but the bums were there on the seats where they belong, and hopefully they will go home and talk to one another over the next day or so, and bost our numbers to some which might actually make us some cash...

In the meantime the people I'm staying with seem lovely, there is at least one nutter in each company, and the Fringe Club at the Nightingale Theatre Bar, which we were informed was open till two every night has been closing at 12.30 or earlier. If they were open longer they might get some more punters in! And if they kept their word then people might drink there till late, but most of the people I have spoken to have no knowledge that it is open late because whenever they go past it after midnight it is closed.

BOOOOO HISSSS! If people from the Nightingale find this then can you please open to the time that you said you will - you had a bloody A board up yesterday saying you were open till was still there as we were being hassled by the barman to get out (and there were ten people in, all still drinking...

Right - off to the venue...must dash don't you know...audiences to see, crowds to please...
- posted by Buntifer @ 5/12/2005 10:41:00 am
Thursday, May 5
I had this idea a month or so ago.

I'm quite upset that someone has beaten me to it, but glad to see people agree with me that it is viable...

It's a mixed bag. Check out my Reviews to see some of the bag. The election you all know about...

Anyway. As predicted, Smug Liar Man got in again, with the lowest ever vote of confidence in British voting history. As I personally predicted, my vote made no difference. And they wonder why the voters are apathetic. Let me explain.

Vincent Cable MP struggled his way to victory in Twickenham with a 10,000 majority of which one vote was mine.

Would it have made any difference if I hadn't voted? No. In fact it would have taken more than 10 thousand people to have stayed away from the polling stations to have made a difference in Twickenham.

Could I have made a difference if I hadn't simply tactically voted to keep Labour out of power? No, again, it would have taken over 10,000 other people to have stayed away from the polls to have made my vote crucial for any of the parties.

Does my vote count for anything given that I didn't cast it for the winning party? No. I was voting against Labour because their head of operations, their "prime minister" is a warmongering liar who evinces a sickly sycophantic smugness with a false smile and has a wife, who, let's face it, had more than her fair share of a drubbing when she met the ugly stick. My vote disappears into Vincent's majority and does a tiny bit for him (about a third of one hundredth of one percent of his total vote) and does nothing for the country. Nothing at all. It doesn't even increase the influence of the party I'm voting for!

So what was the point? I didn't want the Lib Dems to get in. Their policy on council tax was ludicrous. The Brunette and I would have fallen into the band who would get fucked in the ass tax wise, and I can assure you that I don't make a lot of money, so whoever dreamed that one up had their head up someone's behind.

I just wanted to give Labour the hardest possible time regaining power. by cutting down the Liars' majority and diluting it with other, less potent liars, we make it harder for them to push through the bills which nobody but them wants. So hopefully, the other liars will make it harder for the Liars to go to war in Iran, which should pop back onto the agenda in a couple of months, to screw the education system further into the ground and suchlike things.

I'm beginning to think that Blairs famous, "Education Education Education.." soundbite [it would be generous to call it a speech] was the beginning of a chant, "Education Education Education, Out Out Out!" but he obviously saw the reaction he was having and decided to keep it positive.

I looked at the polls yesterday. They were boring. From the beginning of the campaign to the end, Labour led, above Conservatives who were just too far behind to ever come within hope of actually getting into power, then followed way down below, like a faithful but slightly retarded puppy, and looking remarkably like a streak of piss along the bottom of the charts, by the Lib Dems. Very boring polls, no ups, no downs, and you know what they say about having to experience the downs in order for the ups to make an impact.

Three parties. One vote. No choice.

Frankly, I could have slept in yesterday instead of dragging my ass down to the polls and I wouldn't be any more disappointed in the result. I wouldn't feel like I could have made a difference, but at least now I can complain and my smug "politically conscious friends" friends can't say "You could have voted. You could have made a difference."

Well. I voted. I made a difference. Tomorrow I'm going to Brighton and I'm gonna change the channel into urine by taking a piss off the pier. [D'you see the simile there? D'you see how clever I've been?]

Anyway. I am actually off to Brighton tomorrow, although I may not a take a piss off the end of the pier, as I have a sneaking suspicion I might find myself disappointed by the results.

I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard wait. I'm not seeing any fucking wizard. I'm off to manage a venue, the wonderful venue of Platform 1. We have 13 little munchkin companies all coming to do their show with us, and I'm in charge of them all! Moo hah ha ha ha ...

Anyway, I thought I should sign off for a while, or at least make you aware that while I will make every effort to get on here every so often and post a little update, I will be away from the evil screen for a mite longer than usual, which no doubt will be good for my eyes. I'm not being paid tremendously well, which will be bad for my wallet, and I am likely to be subsisting on bread, cheese, nicotine and coca cola, which will neither be good for my waistline nor my temperament, but hey...

If anyone is down in Brighton for the festival come buy me a drink. the venue's called Platform 1, the bar it is above is called Polar Bar, and hey, if you have time, come see a show! I foresee my spending between eighty five and ninety five percent of my time in the building, with occasional forays for food, fags and fleep. [damn these sans serif fonts]

The Brunette is at home and working, likely to be spending between eighty five and ninety five percent of her time watching the Phantom of the Opera

Sorry, I just liked the look of the figure at the top, whish is from the original film, from what I can gather.

Right, I have just had an arsy phone call from a chap asking why i have been in work for an hour and not done the quotation he sent me yet.

"Um...sorry..I'll get right on it"

Enjoy the silence while it lasts folks!
- posted by Buntifer @ 5/05/2005 01:40:00 pm
I'm not apathetic, I just fucking hate politicitians.

Yesterday, Blair likened his relationship with the electorate to a troubled marriage. He's asking for one more chance.

We couldn't think of a more appropriate comparison. In fact, we
would ask you to stare in the mirror and consider your fresh and faded bruises.
Are you really so reliant on Blair that you're afraid to walk out the door? Are
you really so blind to his abuse of your trust that you're willing to believe he
can change?

Don't give him another chance.

Maybe vote for these guys Check out the candidates list... Check out Sedgefield...

damn I want to make some comment about it running in the family... but unfortunately she isn't related to me (as far as I know)

- posted by Buntifer @ 5/05/2005 07:53:00 am
Wednesday, May 4
New link
I have a new link on the right, under Easy Cheezy

I randomly turned up at his site having followed the scent of cheese and found this snippet:

I’m as likely to cast a vote for Tony Blair as I am to staple my scrotum to this desk, then I realise, ahead of time, that the only purpose of my vote is to make the ‘score’ more respectable for one of the runners-up.

Which I liked, so I have linked, in the hope that people will stop calling me Cheesy due to the misunderstandings what might take place...
- posted by Buntifer @ 5/04/2005 01:16:00 pm
Hmmm... maybe these guys have an idea. But then maybe they don't.

We could all stay home and play this game which I have completed.

I challenge you. Both of you. It shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes.

It's only 125 levels.

And from the comments on Greg's Site I have pinched this link which points out:

In the old days sleaze was about politicians succumbing to the material temptations placed before them, such as expense accounts and foreign travel, or it involved the personal sexual morality or marital fidelity of politicians. There was little or no direct impact on the general public, but the press and opposition politicians worked themselves into a frenzy about it.

New Labour's New Sleaze works the other way round. It is all about the perversion of democratic government; matters of great importance to the public being cooked up behind closed doors, justified by massaged figures, semi-leaked documents and news management. Alarmingly the press seems to be uninterested, and the filthiest government since Lloyd George looks whiter than white!

Which is a good point. Tony Blair is a fucking liar. Charles Kennedy has the brain of a toddler in the frame of an overweight man, and Michael Howard is a serious contender for the next Spiderman villain.

The Green party are all fucking treehuggers, the UKIP and BNP are fascists and I'm a generalist. Can you tell?

Who am I going to vote for? Is spoiling my ballot paper really the mature way to send a message to the politicians that they are not worth voting for? I don't think it is. It needs action outside of election time to tell them that, and we don't seem bothered except when there is an election coming. It may have something to do with the fact that it is a lot easier to sit at home and rage online about how shit politics is than to go out there and do something about it. We need a web icon to put on our blogs which says something like "I'm not Apathetic - There's nobody worth voting for!"

but I don't know how to create an icon, so never mind. I shall just listen to RATM and tell myself I'm a rebel...
- posted by Buntifer @ 5/04/2005 08:28:00 am
Tuesday, May 3
chris the ninja pirate
You are Chris the Ninja Pirate! You love being a
pirate.. a ninja one. You stole Donkey from
Weebl, but not to worry. You're a good.. uh..
'shroom.. overall!

Which Weebl and Bob character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
- posted by Buntifer @ 5/03/2005 08:31:00 am

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