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Wednesday, April 30
check out the Pandas!
. Thanks to Ms Mackwood.
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Tuesday, April 29
check out the pandas! Thanks to Ms Mackwood.
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Monday, April 21
i can't explain glacial motion, or why los angeles don't drop into the ocean, i can't unfold the layers of history, or piece together the tragedy of history...

but it's weird don't you think? how can we explain the tangible missingness of not being with someone. there is a very real bond that stretches, if you've read the Northern lights Trilogy I would compare it with a far weaker version of the bond between daemon and person, if you haven't, do so or live forever unenlightened.
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Tuesday, April 15
voluntary abstension from all dairy products is not the way to better yourself...although it may prevent arthritus
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Monday, April 14
Hijo di puta!! Air guitar man? Yeah! if you think about a two dimensional object moving through a one dimensional world from a one dimensional being's point of view, the two dimensional object appears as a one dimensional object with properties that cannot be explained in one dimensional terms. (it can change length while remaining the same object) if you think about a three dimensional object moving through a two dimensional world from a two dimensional point of view then you have a two dimensional object with properties that cannot be explained in terms of two dimensions. is there such a thing in our three dimensional world, and is it possible that it is us with intelligence or "soul", self awareness or similar as the fourth dimensional property. i am a reductionist and would like to believe that everything has a physical explanation but perhaps there is a cut off point in evolution when the mind has to access a fourth dimension??? i'm unhappy with what i'm typing here so i'll leave it for now...
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Saturday, April 12




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Thursday, April 10

on the origins of pentagrams
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Wednesday, April 9
a lobster is a funny kind of crustacean
what if you saw one at the bus station?
what would you think
if it were pink?

a lobsters claws
break lots of laws
because they are dangerous
especially on the bus

so if you do see a rogue crustacean
loitering near or in the bus station
cry for help
watch out for kelp
but don't let it get on the bus.
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i think i may have managed to scrabble my way closer to something that falls
within the area of five dimensions. the simplest zero dimensional object is
a point, a single point. the simplest one dimensional object is two points,
a line, a beginning and an end, the simplest two dimensional object is a
triangle, three points. the simplest three dimensional object is a triangle
based pyramid (there may be a proper name for it but i don't know it) which
has four points. none of these aforementioned forms with their minimum
allocation of points can be made into a form of a higher dimension.

it follows thereforethat: the simplest four dimensional object has five
points in their most complex possible arrangement. this creates a three
dimensional object with one vertex (i think) which is either within the
shape and therefore "invisible" if it were solid, or outside the shape and
therefore "non existant" if it were solid. if one were to put all five
points in a single plane and join them all together it would be found to
produce a pentogram.(as regular as the placing of the dots.)

Please forgive my flexibility with five and four dimensions, I tend to think
of time as a base dimension thus boosting the nnominal value of each
dimension by one, hence a point which exists in time is a one dimensional
object, we live in a world which has length breadth, width and time, hence
four dimensions. It does interfere with clear thinking occasionally though
and therefore I have to get rid of it. when i type though i wander between
the two occasionally. sorry.

here is another thought: the triangle is the perfect shape. as soon as
triangles are possible in "the evolution of forms" i.e as soon as three
points are available, every shape can be said to be made up of triangles,
even a perfect circle (were it not a mathematical concept) could be defined
in terms of other mathematical concepts as an infinite number of infinitely
thin identical tringles apexing around a single point. thus curves can be
explained. no other shape can do this. does anyone know more about this?
maybe from alevel maths or even degree maths if it is had. it would argue
that the most basic four dimensional shape would be made up of triangles.
perhaps nine of them?

(a two dimensional shape is made up of one triangle, a three dimensional
shape is made up of four, nine is the only sequential digit i can think of
and i can't remember what it is describing.

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A week at work...

today i find myself alone in my mind, it is a strange sensation. the
emptiness of my cranium almost echoes as i think. it is strange how i used
to think of the voices as echoes, now they are gone they seem to leave
behind the peculiar sorrow that echoes do as they die away. a duck's quack
does not echo. i want to know if this is true and if so what is the
scientific basis for its anechoicism. perhaps that is what has happened in
my head. just the glint of sunlight on a bolthead screams through the vast
of my mind now. it is difficult to concentrate with all this space at my
disposal. i had become so used to thinking with constant interruption and
suggestion. i do miss charlies advice though. sleep, sleep oh my god how
deep and thoroughly have i passed these last few nights. with no
distraction i have fallen into coma-like darkness. lethe has come and i am
drowning in her. the loneliness of sleep has also returned, with noone here
now to sing and shout as they had been wont to do. it is lonely in the
dark, and i am scared. perhaps i need these voices. perhaps i have become
so used to them that i am unable to function properly without them now?
this scares me more than the appearance of them did in the beginning.

the plants upset me. people worship their little plants while wishing hurt
and pains not only upon their fellow man but also upon other animals and any
plants they feel they like the taste of. no-one accepts the fact that
plants feel as we do, as anything does. the only difference is that we are
unable to empathise or to fully understand their suffering. what a great
difference that is. incomprehension is the basis for so many hatreds and
fears. those who feel they comprehend animals vehemently defend themselves
and the animals they refuse to eat, while dining solely upon the plants they
cannot comprehend. it is a foolish world that looks only in directions it
understands. to fully understand ourselves we must confront every impulse
within ourselves and within everything else. people condemn what they do
not understand and yet condemnation is not the answer comprehension is. how
sweet is the feeling of passing comprehension to another being, and how
great the reward, yet so many of us cut ourselves off from others and keep
our comprehension to ourselves for fear of mockery or that we may be wrong.
the fragility of our self image does not allow for conflict between our
beliefs and those of others. we must fight for everything we believe. we
must argue with those who believe differently, and if our beliefs are forced
to change because we are unable to support them with our arguments, then we
must abandon those beliefs for the beliefs that have shown themselves to be
better than ours by triumphing in the forum. these beliefs are better, make
no mistake, any belief that affords its host to lose an argument is a belief
held either incorrectly or incompletely. therefore hold all beliefs
correctly, completely and honestly. argue your beliefs correctly,
completely and honestly. if you doubt, test others arguments for
correctness, completeness and honesty

once again i am left with nobody to tell me what to do. usually i find this
acceptable as i can therefore do what i want but i am beginning to tire of
the situation whereby i am supposed to be doing something productive and
instead i am lumbered with the duty of telling someone every time i finish
whatever job i am doing, and then waiting for another one. if they would
give me another one that would be fine but i begin to chafe when every time
i finish a job, regardless of whether i have done it fast or pissed away my
time, i am made to wait for an undetermined length of time before i am given
the next thing to do. bad day so far, i hope worse aint coming. i have a
bad feeling i am going to get hammered tonight and feel shite tomorrow. if
the day continues as it has thus far this scenario is more likely than not.
at this moment in time i am ready to smack anyone who fucks with me and then
pull their fingers off. thats what the voices are suggesting anyway.

an invasion of privacy is a curious thing. it can range from invasions of
personal space to knowledge of a private or sensitive nature to a literal
invasion of somebody's house. the invader is, when unintentional made to
feel awkward and foolish, when intentional feels power that comes with the
ability to invade with impunity.

this isn't going anywhere.

i am sitting, mind ful, of my selves. they are as upset as I am,
quantitively, their discomfort balances out to the discomfort the entity
known as i feels. i am a sum of parts and perhaps more than the whole,
perhaps not, i feel more but this may be an illusion. the voices claim that
each detracts from the other. one of my good friends said to me the other
day that the average man thinks he isn't. a very good point that depresses
me beyond measure. i am not. depressed,average,a fan of elton johns. a
person is in a bad way when the internal dialogue he or she experiences is
that much more interesting than the dialogue he/she experiences every day.
especially when the internal dialogue is of such a low standard as mine.

i think some fucker is reading over my shoulder. examples of invasions of
privacy include this. i still want to pull someones fingers off and feed
them to them.

Oh my god i am going to go postal soon. on one side, workmen fixing the
boiler, on the other someone whining like a spastic ten year old and an
idiot imperialist who still thinks remote communication happens by speaking
tube on the phone behind me.

A malaise of melancholy sits upon me, a crow upon the carrion of battles
past. The stench of sorrow hangs around me, a miasma of despair. I am not
sure how long I can continue in this vein. The memory of things past flits
into my mind at the most inconvenient of moments. I begin to answer the
voices in my head, and they don't like what I'm saying. My strength is
gone, my demeanour so nervous that I jump at less than the slightest
provocation. I do not drink any more, but the shadows that follow me are
worse than any toxicant. Moriak is gone and in his place this sprightly
paladin. So new, so trusting, so hopeful. I am still sure in my faith, I
know what my duty is. I do not know if I can perform my duty adequately. I
will however try, and die trying. At times my reflexes are shot, my head so
heavy that sheer anger and bloody mindedness propels me against any odds,
and into or out of whatever situation presents itself.

I will not die, and if I did it would make little difference. I will do my
duty. I am my duty.

There is little that I have to its raining. the badly painted concrete
outside the office is gradually becoming streaked with wet. darker patches
on the darker patches. the bars outside the window are painted the way
rotten blood looks. the trees have all been harshly hacked back, revealing
a vista of crappy houses. people descend a walk ramp, carrying briefcases,
shopping bags or babies. only the briefcases are silent. hate job. most
people don't hate work, not all work, and people will undoubtedly like
something which others would consider work. people hate their jobs, but i
hate a job someone else would no doubt like, and someone else will hate a
job somewhere which I would no doubt like. there are i suppose jobs which
everyone, or at least too many people would like to have, and that i guess
is the problem. most jobs have their plus points though. the only plus i
can see in mine is that i am working with people vastly less intelligent
than myself. which is no reflection on my intelligence, only theirs.

cut her head off, put it on a stick and use it to clean toilets with.
that will shut her up.

[later] she is not an agent of God, she is an agent of the one below. she
has been sent to tempt abstainers such as myself to cut off her head, or rip
her still humming vocal chords from the runnel of flesh that is her neck, or
perhaps just slit her throat and watch the light go out in her eyes, and
thus join the dark one in his crusade under the light. she is EVIL
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Tuesday, April 8
long time no c.

i have decided that capitals are irrelevant for my purpose here and will only resume capitalising words if force of habit overcomes me. i have heard tell of blog sites than can be searched for upon the internet. this particular blog may not be able to roam the vast savannahs of data, but i'm training it up until it is competent to be released into the wild. blogs do not like captivity, they are creatures of impulse, capable of revolt and divinity. they feed off memes, grazing at the low calorie memes that populate the internet. the more successful blogs have more powerful memes fed to them, by means of the comments facility. blogs flourish under attentive care, but unlike plants, talking to them does them no good unless one invests in the talking blog upgrade ?!

this is a farm bred blog, it has more than the minimum legal space requirement but cannot be said to be free range as yet. of course i am working towards releasing it to allow it to be come a roaming blog, capable of influencing memes across gigabytes of data.

why do people like plants?
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