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Monday, November 25
Right. Five Dimensions?

Please, please if anyone can let me know how they work i'd be really happy. Every time i start thinking about it I simply get a headache after a while.

no. 1....time, something can exist in time without existing in any of our three spatial dimensions.
no. 2....single dimension objects, existing only as a line, within time.
no. 3....two dimensional objects, existing as a planar shape within time.
no. 4....three dimensional solid objects that exist within time.

no. 5???? Any insight, conceptual ideas, possibilities, way out theories...anything would be cool.

"Simultaneity of events is relative, not absolute. Our idea of time is simply a misrepresentation of a fourth dimension in space." Dr Cassius Keyser, or something similar.

Which, if we accept that time is relative is perfectly true because we move through space in such a way that our bodies would never have the same absolute coordinates relating to the boundaries of the universe from second to second. This is also complicated because the boundaries of the universe, the only things we could hope to derive absolute coordinates from are not stationary themselves and thus an absolute position within space is impossible, our dimensions are relative in every sense of the word.

Which may follow, I am a little tied up in my argument here so bear with me...that since our position is relative to other things, the positions of which are relative to other things including us, if whatever we are relative to moves, then to all intents and purposes it may as well be us which have moved.
- posted by Buntifer @ 11/25/2002 05:46:00 pm
There are many things that go on inside my head that are probably better out than in.

I think that the word "racism" is not a useful word to describe the ethnic hatred we encounter today. The word itself suggests that there are different races. We are all human, and therefore members of the human race. To suggest that we might be of a different race to somebody else automatically creates a barrier to friendship, people who are worried about being inadvertantly racist will find themselves categorising people into groups that mustn't be discriminated against. This action in itself does them no favours, it reinforces any prejudice that they are different to us.

In today's global world we should have no need of terms like racism, we should be aware that we are all of the same race, in the same boat, and have the same problems.
- posted by Buntifer @ 11/25/2002 03:05:00 pm

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